Yvonne Cortis, a 60-year-old widow of her own making from Michigan, has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. She now faces life in prison for her crimes, which include beating both her dog and husband with a metal bar. Cortis said she did not act out of malice, however, but of mercy.

Cortis called police just a few days after Thanksgiving in 2015 and informed them that, thanks to her, her husband, 68-year-old Gregory Cortis and her 11-year-old yellow Lab, Carly, were no longer suffering. When police arrived to see what she was on about, they discovered Mr. Cortis lying on the floor with a sliced ear and wounds to his head. Carly was unresponsive. Both the man and the dog had been beaten with a metal bar.

Carly (Family photo)

Mr. Cortis was taken to a hospital where he succumbed to his injuries on several days later. The cause of death was no surprise: blunt force trauma. Carly was taken to a vet and recovered. She was given to a foster family where she lived until her death in January. Carly did not necessarily die from the beating, but rather other medical issue.

Cortis had said her husband and dog were sick, and in some ways, she was correct. Carly had a tumor destined to kill her and, according to relatives of the couple, Mr. Cortis suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. But even if Cortis’ true desire had been to end their suffering, a metal bar is not the way. If you think a pet is miserable, you take them to the vet and have them put to sleep while you pet them and cry like a normal person. You can’t exactly do that with a husband, but you can make them comfortable for the rest of their days and not leave them lying in a pool of their own blood. That’s just rude.