generic for levitra File this under a case of you simply never know. By all looks, Kayla Camille Berrie, 23, who sings under the simpler monikier, Kayla Berrie (on iTunes), is a recent graduate of the University of Georgia and also now the choral director and assistant band manager at Long County High School, about an hour outside of Savannah, Georgia. She’s also under arrest for sexual assault of a female student.

comprare viagra generico 50 mg Details of the case are extremely sketchy, if not light or completely non-existent. Suffice it to say, a female student at the school came forward with allegations of sexual relations of some manner with Berrie, and following a four month investigation, Berrie was taken into custody on these rather serious charges. Not exactly a rush to arrest or judgement. That doesn’t bode well for Berrie, who unless she’s maintaining total innocence of all offense, will be looking for a plea deal.

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follow link You couldn’t find a more sweet and innocent looking young woman than Berrie. Perhaps she’s that way on the inside as well as this was some crazy lone moment of aberrance. Though with the mounting number of cases charging female high school teachers with sexual acts with their students in this country, it’s hard to simply write anything off as momentary lapse of reason. All the teachers must discuss these matters in the lunch room as arrest after arrest of their peers continues across the country. It can’t be that this topic is never broached. Certainly the school administrators are giving lectures and passing out notices of warning to staff to mitigate liability.

enter Female teachers already experience a double standard in how they are perceived when discovered to be having sex with their teen students. They aren’t necessarily labeled pedophiles or perverts or creepy pigs like their male counterparts, who are so fairly named. And when a young female teacher hooks up with a high school girl, there will be even more bias to explain it away as more romantic than criminal. This is partly because women are perceived as less aggressive and predatory in nature, and also because the general male population watches a ton of lesbian porn involving similar play-acted scenarios.

go here In a bit of geographic against type irony, it’s actually the Southern states in this nation that are coming down harder on teacher-student sexual relations than any other region. While the age of consent in these states is often below the national average, they have almost all passed additional legislation reminding teachers they will go to prison if they sleep with their high school students regardless of age. Presumably, that’s the case with the underlying charges in the Kayla Camille Berrie matter.

watch It’s time to see how the caged bird sings. This ultimately could help iTunes sales of her music.

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