source You wonder when the pathology begins truly for a 21-year old mom of two children to find herself being shot to death in her car by two Missouri police officers after backing over one of them trying to escape a traffic stop. A quick tour of the social media account of Savannah Nethery, also known as Savannah Hill, of Southwest Missouri, shows a girl pregnant by her boyfriend at a quite young age (deduced to be around 15), a second baby to follow, and at 21 being pulled over by Missouri police because the young gentleman, 19, in her passenger seat has warrants out for his arrest.

watch Was this guy the baby daddy or current boyfriend? Unknown. But he was somebody who helped convinced Savannah Hill that backing over one of the two officers who pulled them over was somehow worthwhile. She did just that, wounding the first officer, but igniting his partner to send bullets through the driver side of the vehicle, striking Hill multiple times as well as an older female passenger in the rear of the vehicle.

go The man in the car who the police wanted was taken into custody. The woman in the back of the car sustained modest injuries, as did the injured police officer who is expected to make a full recovery. Savannah Hill not so much. She was airlifted to a nearby hospital where she later succumbed to her gunshot wounds. Dead at 21, with two young kids left behind.

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