buying accutane I hate to pick on Texas. I really do. It’s a lovely state with beer service in their movie theaters and big wide open spaces and Walker, Texas Ranger, natch. But there do seem to be a large number of these teacher-student sex cases in the public schools there. Now, either, the school cops and regular cops and administrators and parents are all simply better at sniffing these things out, or they’re simply happening more often in the Lone Star State. As always, we’ll wait for the real scientists to put in the hours to explain this more statistically.

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does propecia pills cause genetic disorders Gianna Bednarski, 32, is the latest female teacher in the state to be busted for sexual relations with a student. This was Bednarski’s first year teaching at Brazosport High School in Texas, and she sure made it memorable. She made it a full half year before her arrest on inappropriate relations with a student, also known as bedding a 15-year old student on multiple occasions, including twice in her classroom when the boy stayed after class for “tutoring”. Yes, yes, cue Hot for Teacher.

Viagra generico 100 mg dosaggio It’s unclear what precisely tipped off the investigation, but the school’s security officer did note that Bednarski would bring snacks to the boy when he played in school basketball games, and would hover around him disapprovingly and jealously when he talked to other girls at school. So, yeah his down low older girlfriend.

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female viagra for sale Both the student and Bednarski denied any wrong doing, though cops dug into the cellphone, first of the student, and later Bednarski, and naturally found inappropriate texts and, voila, nude photos of Bednarski forwarded to the student on Snapchat. Dear old Snapchat, enabling illicit sexual relations since, well since whenever it came out a few years ago. The teacher’s cellphone number was in the boy’s phone and, when pressed, he copped to the sexual affair and described tattoos on intimate locations on Bednarski’s body. Bam! Probable cause.


buy cheap cialis online Bednarski previously resigned from her teaching job once the investigation launched and she saw the writing on the statutory rape wall. And this past week she was arrested for the sex with a student bit. She bailed herself out on a $50,000 bond pending further steps in this case. Oh, Texas, you really do need to run a few underaged boy band photos by these female teachers before hiring to see if they get flush.