Sheborah Thomas (Image: Houston Police Department)

Two young children, 5-year-old Kayiana and 7-year-old Araylon Thomas, were discovered dead in the crawlspace beneath the house next door to their own in Houston, Texas on Sunday, August 14. The alleged culprit? Their own mother, 30-year-old Sheborah Thomas.

Sheborah is one of those scum of the Earth sorts, it would seem. A mere hours after her two children performed at a school talent show on Friday, August 12 she allegedly drowned them both in the bathtub. According to court documents, Sheborah told the police that after she picked her kids up from daycare, she fed them dinner and drew a bath. She said she first called for her daughter, then held her head under water until she was dead. She then took the girl’s body into a bedroom and called for her son. She told investigators how he struggled as she held him beneath the water until he stopped moving. She tried to bury the bodies, but ultimately decided to stash them under the nearby house as it was easier.

The Thomas kids (Image: GoFundMe)
The Thomas kids (Image: GoFundMe)

An acquaintance of Thomas’ later saw her throwing several items away and inquired as to why. She told him she was moving right away and asked if he would help her pack. He said yes and in the process, he claimed she told him about how she had drowned her children. He at first thought she was making a bad joke, as her deadpan delivery seemed like it couldn’t possibly being offering up the truth. But when it became clear the children were nowhere to be found, he feared she might be serious and took her to police. Sheborah had also apparently went to her employer to unsuccessfully request her latest paycheck early, saying she was moving immediately.

Neighbors are shocked, stating that Sheborah was a nice woman who seemed to take care of her kids and that both children seemed happy. Admittedly, they did not know her well, as she had only lived in the neighborhood a short time. Police say Sheborah has only a minor record, and no known history of mental illness. Child Protective Services, however, states that Sheborah had been mixed up with drugs in the past and that the family had briefly struggled with homelessness. In 2012, the children were taken from Sheborah and put in the care of their grandmother after Kayiana, then 2, was found hanging out with a passed out homeless man who was friends with Thomas. Sheborah took custody of the children again in 2014. The last known report on the Thomas family indicated that she and the children were “doing fine.” The siblings’ father is currently serving a three-year sentence in jail for drugs.

An older child, 12, was with his father, Jermaine Anderson, at the time of the incident. Anderson speculates that Sheborah must have been on drugs at the time of the killings. Drugs that apparently led to this horrible mom ultimately commit one of the most vile acts: violence against helpless kids. If you believe in Hell, ask Sheborah Thomas if she’ll send ya a postcard.