Betty Armstrong Cat Lady

The crazy cat lady label may be getting thrown around too often, we think. Beforehand, we always thought of the label as something strictly reserved for women, who live with multiple cats under one roof. But after hearing the tale of 70-year-old Betty Armstrong, we think the bar has been raised quite a bit (or lowered, depending on your point of view).

That’s because Betty took crazy cat lady to the extreme with her own Stephen King-like twist. The Clay County Sheriff’s Department reports that Betty was living in a home with nearly two dozen dead cats — 22, to be exact. The felines had been left in a home on Edson Drive with no food or water for months on-end, the affidavit states. But that’s not all.

The dead cats were discovered because neighbors complained to animal control of excessive living cat activity at the home. That means Ms. Armstrong not only killed off that many cats through two of the cruelest acts imaginable — starvation and dehydration — but she was doing enough to continually attract a fresh spate of victims.

The sheriff’s office did not have a hard count on just how many cats were hovering around the place, living and dead, but if it was enough to prompt a complaint, well, you probably wouldn’t want to be accepting any of her dinner invitations.

Armstrong is once again free after posting bond, but she will be facing charges of aggravated animal cruelty, which, if convicted, could earn her up to a year in prison and a $5,000 fine per Florida’s state sentencing guidelines. You have got to think there will also be some kind of stipulation in there to keep her from interacting with the species. Because if ever someone needed to be placed on a cat prohibition, it’s her.

(Featured Image: Clay County Sheriff’s Department)