An Oklahoma woman who plowed her car into a parade in October of 2015 will spend the rest of her life behind bars. Adacia Chambers, 26, was sentenced to life in prison after pleading no contest to four counts of murder, plus a whopping 39 counts of assault.

On the day of Oklahoma State University’s Homecoming Parade in 2015, Chambers drove around a barrier and into a large group of spectators who had gathered to watch the festivities. Her car crashed into numerous people as well as a pole. Nathan Oglesby, a former EMT, told KJRH that he was near the scene of the crash and went to check on the driver.

“I asked what she was doing and she just looked at me and said she was trying to kill herself. I said, ‘What?’ And she said, ‘I was trying to kill myself,’ and I asked her why and she said, ‘to be free,’” he said. 

(Warning: The video below is graphic and contains cell phone footage of the impact.)

Chambers failed at her suicide mission and now she will never be free, at least not in the way that most of us non-incarcerated folks are. Though she did not manage to kill herself, she did brutally end the lives of four people: Bonnie Jean and Marvin Lyle Shore, both 65; 23-year-old Nikita Nakal, an MBA student at University of Central Oklahoma; and 2-year-old Nash Lucas.

Chambers not drunk at the time of the crash, with a BAC of only .01, which is considerably under the legal limit to drive. However, she did have a history mental issues. Her father said she had been in an in-patient facility several years prior to the incident, and her lawyer claimed that she was having a psychiatric episode at the the time of the killings. She was deemed competent to stand trial by a judge.

Chambers was remorseful in court, saying she wished she could undo what she had done. “I was suffering from psychosis all day,” she asserted. Wishes in court are just so hollow, though, as they don’t bring anyone back from the dead.

Image: Stillwater PD