Darya Selinevich, a 23-year-old Canadian woman, has been sentenced to seven years for her role in the death of a cyclist in 2015. She is also prohibited from driving for another 10 years.

Darya had once studied at York University, but left school to take job as a law clerk. On June11, 2015 at about midnight, Darya hit 44-year-old Zhi Yong Kang as he rode his bicycle in a residential area of Toronto. She was driving 110 km/hour in a 60 km/hour zone, and made no effort to stop and check on Kang after the collision. She only drove faster as police pursued her. At some point, she pulled over and got out of her car and ran. Unsurprisingly, she was swiftly apprehended. Police requested she take a breathalyzer, but once she found out that she had killed Kang, she refused and demanded a lawyer.

The aftermath of the crash (Image: CP24)

Darya, according to her attorney, had turned to drinking following the traumatic death of four friends from 2013 to 2014. One of her friends was killed in a car accident. One of them overdosed on drugs. Two of her friends were murdered. And yet, in a cruel twist of fate, Darya’s own selfish actions would cause that same pan and trauma for another family and another group of friends. Kang’s death had left a 15-year-old boy fatherless.

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Prior to her arrest, Darya frequently made posts to social media indicating that she thought drunk driving was no big deal, or even fun.

Darya had also been arrested for driving while drunk in the past. A mere month before Darya essentially murdered Kang, she had been arrested for drunk driving and speeding. She was apparently so drunk that she passed out at the police station. For her crime, she was told she could not drive for a year. She clearly paid no mind.

Image: Facebook