Parole has been denied for an 18-year-old Texas woman who had her mother and stepfather killed when she was 12, as prosecutors and case workers alike depict her as a scary individual who is still hellbent on revenge for any perceived slight.

Holly Popovich did not personally murder her mother, Darlene and her stepfather Alan Nevil. Instead, Holly beguiled her 13-year-old boyfriend into shooting them both in their Garland home in 2010. Though Alan Nevil would ultimately succumb to his injuries two weeks after the attack, he was first able to identify his killer as his stepdaughter’s boyfriend. Holly was sentenced to 20 years, but is eligible for parole. This was her first chance, and she’ll get another in 5 years. Her ex-boyfriend was sentenced to 27 years, but has already been released.

Darlene and Alan (Image: Family Photo)

When it comes to the difference between the two, Prosecutor Michael O’Brien argued that Holly was still just as vengeful six years later as she was when she orchestrated her parents’ murders. He mentioned that she intentionally poured bleach into a plant in the juvenile facility’s superintendent’s office after she found out she would most likely be transferred to state prison, as she is now an adult. Her case manager also noted that Holly was the type of person who was keen on getting revenge on any she believed crossed her.

Holly killed her parents because they told her she could not see her boyfriend any longer, which angered her. But she would cite the real impetus for the crime as when they took away her coloring books. She talked her boyfriend into killing them both, at one point claiming they abused her. A detective in the case told reporters that he had never, in 42 years of service, met a child as frightening as young Holly was and apparently, remains to this day.

Image: Myspace