A rather odd story is brewing in Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania where the wife of a city councilman suspected of looking for a hitman to kill her husband has now been charged with having sex with a minor boy.

Robin L. Transue, 42, was first suspected of attempting to find an assassin to murder her husband, Mount Pocono Borough Councilman Keith Transue. It was during an investigation into these allegations that the situation with the boy emerged.

Via a conversation that was recored without her knowledge, Robin allegedly told an informant that she had once had sex with a 14-year-old boy. She said the incident would have occurred several years prior, when she was 36 years old, and described the boy as the son of one of her husband’s friends. She later claimed that she was very drunk when this incident might have occurred and has no recollection of it, aside from coming to to find him on top of her.

The boy, however, is now a man at 20 years old. He was identified by police and asked several questions about the alleged encounters. He told police that he had sex with Robin three times on three separate occasions over the course of few months. He said it was during his summer break from school, and that each time, they had sex on a futon in the sunroom of Robin’s house. He described the encounters as consensual, though minors are not legally able to consent to sexual activity with adults. Robin has been charged with a variety of crimes in connection with the alleged assault.

The last time Robin Transue was in the news, she was advocating for backyard chickens. This was, of course, before any inkling of her supposed fondness for spring chickens was exposed.

Image: Pocono Record