Laurel Lee Sykes, 32, is a real firecracker. She was sentenced to 6 years for lighting a cup of gasoline on fire, and then tossing it on her romantic rival.

Golly, it’s always about the romantic rival, isn’t it? According to police, this incident happened on the afternoon of May 30 at an apartment building stairwell in Minnesota. Laurel and another, unidentified 28-year-old woman had been arguing all day over a man. Apparently, he’d been seeing them both. But rather than get mad at him or suggest an amicable threesome, Laurel seemed bent on violence. On that particular day, Laurel decided to take things to another level. She briefly left the argument, then returned with a gas can. She poured the gas into a paper cup, lit it ablaze, and tossed the contents on the victim.

(Image: Flickr)
(Image: Flickr)

The victim was able to race up the stairs and into a nearby apartment where she put herself out in the bathroom. She endured burst to her face, chest, arms, hands and her right leg. The burns were severe enough that police were not able to immediately talk to her after the incident.

Laurel made up a tale for officers that’s almost laughable, saying that the victim had grabbed a lit cigarette out her hand, and that when Laurel pushed her in indignation, she tripped and fell into a gas can. If officers had any inclination to buy Laurel’s bogus stories, there were several witnesses would could reporter otherwise, including the witness that helped her victim douse the flames.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we just don’t get why ladies want to beat on one another over men.Whatever happened to sisterhood?

Photo: Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office