purchase sildenafil online In a story that likely has a truth more twisted and morose than even the twisted and morose details that have already come out,¬†Andira Abdelaziz, 37, shared with a courtroom that the 20-something man she stands accused of stabbing to death in her driveway wasn’t only her nephew, he was her secret lover. Take that, every bad Lifetime movie ever. So, all of them.

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acquistare viagra online generico a Parma Abdelaziz is on trial for the 2016 knife-in-the-back murder of¬†Mohammed Abdelaziz, 25, the blood nephew of her husband. The one who took her as his bride when she was fourteen, because, well, simply dwell in the blessed house of multicultural aspirations. Apparently Andira Abdelaziz was not super content in her marriage, and fell into the arms of her nephew who was at least kind enough to get into her pants, before becoming what Andira described as a violent, denigrating, threatening piece of garbage. Plan B’s are often overrated like that.

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follow url Andira Abdelaziz claims her nephew was abusive and violent toward her for the general length of their multi-year secret relationship and that the knife she lodged in his back was a matter of self defense. The evening she killed her nephew the police had been to Andira’s home after she called them because her nephew had been beating on the windows, and later beating on her. When the police arrived, Andira had a change of heart and refused to confirm any violence had occurred. The police moved along and later that night Andira stabbed her nephew-lover in the back with a kitchen knife. He promptly obliged by bleeding to death.

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(photo credit: Kin Man Hui, Staff / San Antonio Express-News)

follow Andira Abdelaziz’ attorneys claim in her murder trial that this is the case of a woman who happened into a violent mofo lover who she had to kill to save her own life (you may note the black eye in her mugshot). Classic battered woman self-defense. In contrast, the D.A. claims Andira murdered her nephew when he threatened to inform that family of their naughty intrafamily cheating. The jury is still out. Literally. But imagine they must be relishing the chance to remind each other that Andira was banging her own nephew. It’s kind of amusing, though obviously less so for him because he was stabbed to death. Though he seems like the kind of guy who doesn’t have a ton of people at his funeral.