Another day, another woman who decides to kill a woman over a man. Kira Kastenhuber, 39, has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for beating and stabbing a woman to death.

The victim’s name was Desirae Withey, 33. Prosecutors say that Kira showed up at Desirae’s Perry, NY home one early morning in February 2016 and choked, beat and stabbed Desirae until she was dead. Then Kira fled the scene. Desirae’s had two children, ages 2 and 6, who were both in the home at the time of the murder. The eldest discovered her mother’s body when she woke up that day and went to a neighbor for help.

Kira Kastenhuber (Image: Facebook)
Kira Kastenhuber (Image: Facebook)

Police found Kira at her mother’s home in Rochester. She had intended to kill herself after murdering Desirae and had overdosed on pills. She left behind a note confessing the crime and her intentions, but did not die.

At one point in time, Kira and Desirae had been friends and coworkers, but that friendship was over when the deceased began dating Kira’s ex. Kira had gotten drunk and confronted Desirae at an employee party and had shown up to her home in the past.

We’re not sure why this keeps happening. Are there no more men left in this world for these women to date? Laurel Sykes, 32, was just sentenced to 6 years for tossing a flaming cup of gasoline on a woman who was seeing the same man as she was. Chloe Thomas, 17, and her pal Chadd Raymond in Oklahoma were both accused of murdering another teenage girl, ostensibly because both girls were dating Chadd’s older brother. And over in Idaho, 27-year-old Ashley Howell allegedly convinced her estranged husband to trick his new girlfriend over to his place so that Ashley could leap out of hiding and whack her with a baseball bat. Why the ex agreed, we can’t be certain. But ladies, ladies, ladies. Go to a feminist poetry reading or something and knock it off.