Here is a weird Black Mirror of a story. An Orange County woman has been sentenced to a year in jail for stalking herself. Prosecutors said that Stephani Ranae Lawson, 25, of Las Vegas created a fake Facebook account masquerading as her ex-boyfriend, Tyler Parkervest. Orange County officials come in because Stephani was living in Lake Forest at the time she made the account.

Using the account, she sent herself a number of threatening messages and accused Tyler of stalking her. She said he drove by her house looking for her. She said that Tyler once held her at knifepoint in his car, and that he repeatedly told her he wanted to kill both her and her daughter. One of the messages even mentioned raping her daughter, and told her not to testify against him in court, or else. In total, she called the police on Tyler eight times.

(Image: Flickr)

Her bewildered ex was arrested four times over the course of four months and was initially charged with various crimes, including violating a restraining order and threatening to kill her. However, what Stephani had in deviance, she lacked in intelligence. An investigation revealed that she had used her own IP address and devices to send the messages, which led police to believe her ex. All charges against the boyfriend were dropped.

The couple had been together about 10 months, and had lived for a time in Tyler’s grandparents’ home. His grandmother kicked her out after she pushed Tyler over during an argument.

At not point, Tyler said that Stephani told her she was pregnant and asked to meet up. When he arrived at her home, she got in his car and two armed men jumped out from behind a parked car. One of them was armed. Tyler drove away from the men, and Stephani later claimed that Tyler had tried to kidnap her.

Tyler’s grandmother died before the charges against the grandson she so ardently defended were dropped.

Image: Orange County District Attorney’s Office