Laurie Henner has been sentenced for her role in stirring up a fight that ended in the death of a popular East Coast musician.

Laure Henner was out with her sister, Mandy Patch, and a few friends, drinking at Gary’s Sports Bar in Rochester, New Hampshire on the fateful night of January 31. These friends included Eric Langlais and Tammy Ledoux. Also at the bar that night was James Unfonak, 44, who was well-known as the drummer of a popular local band called Bang N Jane. Laurie claimed to police James was being rude to her friends, in particular, Tammy. Whatever this alleged rudeness was, it was enough that Laurie texted her sister saying that she intended to “fuck” James up at the end of the night.

James Unfonak (Image: Facebook)
James Unfonak (Image: Facebook)

Through Laurie, Mandy and Eric were removed from the, and despite the fact that a bouncer walked James to his car, James still wasn’t safe. Eric popped out and hit James in his side. When James whirled around and put his hands up, Eric slugged him in the jaw so hard that he fell to the ground, cracking his head on the cement. This blow would lead to James’ death.

Tammy would later tell police that Laurie made up the supposed drama, and that James had never said anything to her, let alone anything rude. James was not only well-known, but seemingly well-liked by his fellow community members.

Gary's Bar (Image: WMUR9)
Gary’s Bar (Image: WMUR9)

While Eric is awaiting manslaughter charges, Laurie will spend up to a year in jail for her role in the altercation. Laurie was not charged directly in James’ death, as she never touched him. However, because she and Eric both waited outside the bar for the same malevolent purpose, she was charged with felony rioting. In 2011, Laurie was charged with stabbing a man with a steak knife. It was not a particularly serious injury.

Image: Rochester PD