In a bizarre story out of West Michigan, a woman tells a terrible and kinda racist lie. But for some reason, her boyfriend—the most duped of all—believes her.

Leiha Artman, a 25-year-old mother of three, suffered a horrible nightmare. She was kidnapped by four men, who took turns raping and beating her for two days, only to release her on a random street. Except… not really. Police say none of it ever happened, and now, Artman will be spending a year in jail after taking a plea deal to avoid a six-year prison sentence. But it only gets weirder from here.

Leiha’s fake ordeal began, according to her, when four men stopped her in the driveway of her Muskegon home and asked for directions. They soon grabbed her, bound her hands and feet, and then tossed her in their trunk. As they tormented her, they allowed her to take selfies of her own bloodied face, mascara streaking down her cheeks from her tears. She sent the images to her boyfriend, and also told him her captors wanted a ransom. However, without any ransom having been paid, she said the men dumped her on a random street. She called her boyfriend, and he picked her up. He said that she asked to be taken to get emergency contraception, so he took her to a hospital.

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She implied that her kidnappers had been four black men that she had never met before. However, that lie soon unraveled and police say that she made the whole thing up. It’s unclear as to why. Was she just hoping to bilk her own boyfriend out of money? A Halloween prank gone awry?

Image: Muskegon County Jail
Image: Muskegon County Jail

Her boyfriend doesn’t think so. He believes that someone really did hurt her, and that out of fear, she made up the story about the four men. Not really clear on why she specified that her make-believe attackers were black.

“She did make up a story saying it was four black men but, at the end of the day, she did get really, really hurt by someone,” her boyfriend said. “She is a good woman and a good mother. She was a heroin addict that needed help and rehab.”

Confusing, huh?

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