An Iowa woman played coy and beguiled her husband into a kiss. But a kiss was never her intention.

Carol Smith, 60, lured her husband into a trap. On May 24, 2015, she approached him with a simple request: a kiss. When her husband obliged, the vicious trickster bit and tore his lower lip.

Carol’s husband was forced to undergo plastic surgery to put his mouth back together, and Carol was sentenced to a year in jail. However, due to most of her sentence being suspended by a judge, she will only spend 60 days behind bars, and then the other 120 on a tether at home. She’s also been fined a paltry $315.

Carol’s attack would not be the first time a woman’s gone for a man right in the kisser. At a raucous Oktoberfest party in Germany in 2013, a woman wearing a pair of devil horns and a frilly yellow dress savagely bit a lederhosen-clad man’s lip, taking a chunk with her. The brawl was caught on video in all its bloody glory, and the man later had to have that portion of his lip reattached.

Martinne Delavega, Scotum Biter (Image: Police handout)
Martinne Delavega, Scotum Biter (Image: Police handout)

And it gets worse. A man was discovered in an Orlando hotel room covered in blood and bite marks in April of 2013. Authorities learned that he had hired an escort and that during sex, she repeatedly bit his genitals and ran off with his phone. The woman, 29-year-old Priscilla Vaughn, was found with blood around her mouth. She was charged with attempted second-degree murder.

And in September of 2015, a North Carolina woman was charged with biting her boyfriend’s testicles so hard that he needed stitches. She told police it was all one big “misunderstanding.”

The moral of the story: if you don’t trust your lover, beware  those champers.

Image: Sioux City Police