What do you do when you want to shoot up some smack but you don’t know what to do with your pesky toddler? If you’re 24-year-old Paige Adams of Phoenix, you just lock the little scamp in the closet for a few hours.

Adams was arrested on September 29 on suspicion of shoplifting and, when asked, told police that she did have a child. A single daughter, she said, who was currently being cared for by friends. When police went to look for Paige’s kid, they found the 3-year-old girl alone in an apartment, in a bedroom closet, crying and clad in a soiled diaper.

The child had been alone, by their estimates, for about 12 hours while her mother did heroin and somehow, ended up involved in the whole shoplifting debacle. She told police she thought it’d be fine because she didn’t expect to be gone for very long. Times flies when you’re high on heroin, perhaps. Police also noted that needles were found in the home that the child could have gotten ahold of, had she found a way out of the closet.

Image: Phoenix PD