Sheyanna Ray Dismembers Neighbor

As a kid, I always felt horror movies with female killers seemed to be the scariest ones of all. Alice, Sweet Alice. Night Warning. Fatal Attraction. The ladies always brought the evil to the silver screen in unspeakable ways, but something (thankfully) got lost in the translation to real life. Most of the heinous crimes seemed to be male-perpetrated. Enter Sheyanna Ray, a woman accused of a crime far more terrifying than anything you’ll see in a scary movie.

Ray, 26, allegedly killed, then dismembered her 50-year-old neighbor, according to WFMYNews2. Authorities believe David Lowell White was dead for approximately six weeks before his body was discovered. There has not been a cause of death issued by police, but the murder reportedly happened between Oct. 1 and 12. Ray is currently parked in a jail in Redding, Calif. If convicted, her sentence could run anywhere from 25 years to life imprisonment.

According to 2008 numbers from the Dept. of Justice, 1.6 women commit a murder out of every 100,000 people compared to 11.3 men. So while you would be well justified to save your fears for the male gender, women like Sheyanna Ray are impactful reminders that women don’t mess around when they want you out of the picture. And guys, before you make the mistake of thinking, “Oh sure, but those are random cases,” you should probably know that most women strike only once and kill people they know closely in large numbers. Keep that in mind as you drift off to dreamland!

(Featured Image: Redding, Calif. Jail)