When a child has a temper tantrum, the appropriate response is not to beat them so badly that they have to have emergency surgery. But Ashley Montano, candidate for world’s worst babysitter, did just that.

Ashley Montano, 26, has been sentenced to 7 years in prison for abusing a 2-year-old girl while the child was entrusted in her care. She testified that the girl, named Audrina, was having a tantrum, so she hit the girl numerous times before throwing her to the ground. Once Ashley realized the severity of the child’s injuries, the moron tried to cover up her malevolent deeds by phoning 9-1-1 and telling them that Audrina had fallen off a bed.

“When officers and paramedics responded it really didn’t take long for them to notice that this was suspicious,” Albuquerque Police Department spokesperson Tasia Martinez said. “I’m told that [officers] were able to see bruising on the child’s face right off of the bat.”

2-year-old Audrina (Family Photo)
2-year-old Audrina (Family Photo)

The girl ended up having to endure emergency surgery due to bleeding in the brain. She has since recovered, though due to her age, it is not clear if permanent brain damage has occurred.

Ashley is not related to the toddler, but was a friend of the family’s. The girl’s mother, Amanda Jo Lucero, was in prison on murder charges for shooting a family friend. (She has since been acquitted after a jury determined she acted in self-defense.) Amanda had previously expressed concern regarding Ashley’s acumen as a babysitter and had been trying to secure the child’s care to her own mother at the time of the incident.

Though penitent in the courtroom, Ashley flashed her trademark temper later outside, shouting at the father of the girl, “I’ll be fuckin’ out.” Charming.