Woman Convicted of Lying in Court to Help Her Boyfriend Who Sexually Assaulted Her Daughter

go to link Imagine the various levels of personal betrayal that can be experienced by one human begin. Like the levels of Hell they are. Imagine you’re a young girl and your mom’s boyfriend rapes you on multiple occasions and when found out, your mom lies, under oath, to protect her boyfriend. Hard to think of a worse betrayal.

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does accutane cause blindness So pity not an ounce for this week’s conviction of Cynthia Marie Dunaway-Erickson, 52, a long name, short on morals. The Huntington Beach, California woman was finally found guilty of accessory after the fact and straight up perjury in court. At the time of the sexual assault trial of her boyfriend for twice raping her 13-year old daughter, Erickson testified in court with some wonky explanation as to how her boyfriend’s semen ended up in her young daughter’s cervix following a rape kit. The details of her ruse were not releases, but suffice it to say, it was cruel, disturbing, and desperate. Also, it didn’t work.

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http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=generic-cialis-sale Her boyfriend, Jeffrey Scott Jones, an English teacher at a nearby high school (which means, God knows what in terms of other victims) was convicted of multiple sex crime felonies and sentenced to 45+ years in the clink. He tried to slit his throat after his conviction in a dramatic courthouse moment, but sadly failed. So you get to pay for the bastard for the rest of your tax-paying lives.

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get link The wheels of justice are slow, but grind steady. The sexual assault took place almost six years ago now and it won’t be until March of this year when Erickson learns her prison fate. Say what you will about more primitive cultures, they perhaps dealt with this level of betrayal in a far more expeditious and just manner.

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