Woman Breastfeeds Piglet On Live Television (VIDEO)

http://cancersupportmontana.org/?search=levitra-and-valium-taken-together Wait, “woman breastfeeds piglet?” You guys gotta be making this $#!T up, right? Oh but we wish that we were. The unnamed woman is from Lima in Peru. Metro UK reports that she was keeping the piglet in a cardboard box since river banks bursted a few days prior, washing out the little squealer’s home.

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here The woman shared the story with local news crews, then figured what-the-hell, I’ll just lift up my shirt and let it latch on snout-to-teat. The reporter did not have a very good response — as in no response — to the action. Just stunned silence. But then, we guess that is pretty easy to understand.

source url Even background observers, who are generally used to the poverty culture of the area, were uncomfortable with a few “we’ve never seen this before in our lives” looks as well as some looks that wanted to act like they hadn’t seen it before.

here There were, surprisingly, more supporters of what the woman did than you might think. And yes, we make that statement fully aware that if there is even one supporter, it’s probably more than you might think.

http://caseyanthony.com/?search=levitra-5mg One commenter on the Metro UK story said “milk is milk, let the woman breastfeed if that’s what she wants to do!” Others responded more appropriately with WTF clip art and the distinction that there is something very odd about a piglet going to town on a woman’s breast.

generic levitra user reviews Given the culture, we’re going to try not to be too hard on this one, but what do you all think? Is milk just milk, or do we have some really sick stuff going on here?

follow link (Featured Image: America Television)

canadian levitra prices american pharmacies P.S. Still not as bad as when Salma Hayek breastfed an orphan baby on the random:

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