Though reported instances of domestic violence more commonly involve men who assault their female partners, Edmonton Staff Sgt. Bill Clark called a 2013 incident of domestic abuse that ended in a battered husband’s death one of the very worst he’d seen in his career. Nyuk Len Hwang, 55, has pleaded guilty to to beating her husband, 56-year-old Tek Hwang, to death in August of 2013. She has since been sentenced to 15 years in prison. This may seem like a short sentence, and it is. Though she was initially charged with second-degree murder, she pleaded to manslaughter.

The Hwangs had been married for 27 years when Nyuk Len Hwang savagely assaulted husband Tek. She was reportedly enraged over her husband’s alleged gambling problem and stressed out about paying the couple’s bills. So, she used several instruments to beat and bludgeon her husband, including a curtain rod, a two-by-four and a metal broom handle.

(Image: Google Maps)

The couple had a son named Reuben, who was 16 years old on the day of his father’s murder. Though he checked on his parents numerous times and cleaned up his father’s blood when asked to do so by his mother, he did not call for help. His mother was the one who eventually called 9-1-1. Tek Hwang was pronounced dead at a hospital the following day. It was later determined that the merciless beating bruised his heart, triggering cardiac arrest. This was also not the first time Nyuk Len Hwang had assaulted her husband. She served three weeks behind bar for domestic assault in 2009.

Hwang told the court she had elected to plead guilty so she wouldn’t have to see her son testify against her. For his part, Reuben Hwang, now 19, did not look at his mother in court as she spoke.