source link If you’re going to get banned from Walmart, go out big. No, not shoplifting or peeking in the changing rooms or even trying to ascertain the citizenship of their stock employees, but drunk driving your mobility scooter in the parking lot all morning will get you the heave-ho.

real viagra from online pharmacy uk An unnamed woman in Wichita Falls, Texas suffered such a fate when she was ratted on by a Walmart manager who spotted her tooting around the parking lot for several hours of the early morning, drinking wine out of a Pringles container. As you might expect in the great state of Texas, it’s not the least bit illegal to be boozing out of a Pringles container while putting around in a mobility scooter. The prisons simply aren’t that big.
A sketch artist rendition of what the woman in Wichita Falls may have looked like.

steroids prednisone 20 mg However, since the woman was on private property, the police became involved, tracking down the woman and informing her she was no longer welcome at this Walmart location. No word yet on her banning from the city’s other 27 Walmart superstores.

best price generic mega accutane isotretinoin At the end of the day I know who I want to party with, and it’s not the Walmart store manager.

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