Here’s a story that’ll make you want to bleach every wrinkle of your brain: Deanna Marie Wilson, 41, of Port Angeles, WA is accused of not only sexually abusing a teenage boy, but also her pet poodle.

Deanna is accused of providing booze to and drinking with a group of minors at her home before raping a 15-year-old boy. She allegedly recorded video of herself and the boy, and when investigators looked at her phone, they also found images of a woman engaging in sexual activity with a poodle. Though the woman’s face could not be seen in the photos, certain distinctive marks on the woman’s body have led investigators believe that the woman is Deanna, and that the dog is her own pet.┬áDeanna, who works as a house cleaner, claims that the boy told her he was legal after she asked him if he was old enough. If you have to ask, lady, he’s probably not old enough.

Image: Flickr