At first, the death of 81-year-old Earl Coleman was not investigated as a homicide. There was no reason why anyone should want to kill him. He had numerous health issues and was paralyzed, spending most of his time in a wheelchair. However, his daughter, 55-year-old Diane Coleman, of Jackson, Mississippi has since been charged with his murder.

Diane is accused of pouring boiling water over her father, resulting in severe burns over several areas of his body. He died in a hospital nine days after the attack. Because he was paralyzed, he likely could not escape her, once her horrific torture began.

Image: Facebook
Elizabeth Wettlaufer (Image: Facebook)

Diane’s motivations are unclear. She was her father’s caretaker and perhaps she tired of caring for him. But even with such a flimsy motive, it’s still bewildering why she would choose such an inhuman method of murder.

It is somewhat common for female murderers to prey on the elderly. These killers often wind up in careers where they are caring for the people they kill. Most recently, Canadian nurse Elizabeth Wettlaufer was arrested for allegedly murdering eight of her patients at various nursing homes. However, even these killers usually do so via fairly undetectable means, such as poisoning or by smothering their victims with a pillow. Wettlaufer is accused of shooting her victims up with a drug that caused their death. Because Wettlaufer and other killers like her choose victims who are elderly and prone to poor health, they often get away with multiple murders before a coworker or a victim’s family member grows suspicious. Diane’s malevolent actions may indicate some kind of personal anger, or perhaps, she’s just a very sadistic and cruel woman.

Image: Jackson Police Department