Cathrina Cahill, 25, and David Walsh, 29, were an Irish couple had had emigrated to Australia, where they seemed to live a normal, happy life. On New Year’s Eve, they got engaged. Yet a mere five weeks later, Walsh is dead and Cahill is charged with his murder.

Walsh, a father of three daughters who works in carpentry, was found stabbed in the neck at his apartment in the early morning hours of Friday, February 20. Paramedics were unable to revive him and Walsh was pronounced dead at the scene. What let up to the fatal stabbing is somewhat unclear.

“Tina,” as her friends called her, and David. (Image: Facebook)

Hours prior to the murder, Cahill was posting images to her Facebook indicating that she and a couple female friends had gone out for a night on the town. When Cahill returned to the home she shared with Walsh, two women also returned with her. Reports indicate the women also lived in the flat with Walsh and Cahill. A 36-year-old man that the women had recently met, but whom Walsh did not know, also showed up at the home. A fight broke out, and neighbors reported hearing glass shattering and screaming. The next thing anyone knew, Walsh was dead.

Yet another seemingly blissful engagement photo. (Image: Facebook)

Cahill and the unidentified man were both arrested, but the man was later released. He had suffered cuts to his face, but it’s not clear how. Cahill refused to appear for her video court date, and her lawyer said it was because she was too distressed.

It’s not clear what the fight was over. Friends described the couple as happy. Witnesses indicated that those involved may have been drunk, but rarely do drunk hangouts turn to murder. Walsh may have been planning to return to Ireland, where his children lived, but it’s not clear if that was a point of contention for the couple.