Wisconsin Teacher Arrested for Illicit Lesbian Student Affair From 5-Years Earlier

amoxil 875 Just when you thought you got away with it… a Wisconsin Catholic School teacher who previously worked as a public school substitute health and fitness teacher was arrested for a sexual affair she had with a then 15-year old girl in 2014.

go to link Brynn Larsen, now 29, stands accused of having a rather extensive lesbian sexual relationship with a then 15-year old student at Oconto Falls High School, where Larsen substitute taught and was herself a previous graduate.

The Illegal Affair Was Rumored At the Time in 2014

buy generic Cialis in online drugstores According to police records, somebody did tip off school administrators back in 2014 that Larsen, then around 24, was having illicit contact with a 15-year-old student at Oconto Falls High School.

Brynn Larsen during her college playing days in softball

http://altacadvisor.com/?search=expiring-drug-patents-viagra-online&8a4=e1 At the time, police investigated, interviewing both Larsen and the underaged girl who both suggested they had bunked together on occasion during athletic team overnights, but nothing untoward had ever occurred. With both the teen and the teacher denying any wrongdoing, and no electronic communications at the time to say otherwise, the matter was dropped for lack of evidence.

buy viagra no prescription That must’ve been a big “phew” moment for Brynn Larsen. Unfortunately, five years later, that same teen girl, now 19, had a crisis of conscience and returned to the police to alter her story. She claims at the time she was too young to understand what “lesbian sex” was, but that it definitely occurred between her and her teacher/coach on multiple occasions that year she was but 15.

The Police Set Up a Sting.

amiodarone drug contraindications with viagra Still with no corroborating evidence against Larsen, police asked the now 19-year old victim to allow them to use her Facebook account to contact Larsen. She consented.

An undercover officer posing as the girl began a conversation with Larsen, who admitted to all of the sexual contacts, concluding that she had done nothing wrong or was not a “pedophile” since she hadn’t pushed the girl to do anything and it was entirely consensual. Clearly, somebody was using lay definitions of the word as opposed to legal definitions.

Brynn Larsen teach bio at her latest school prior to arrest

The Facebook confession and the testimony of the victim in the case were enough to pull Larsen from her P.E. teaching work this current school year at Father Allouez Catholic School in Green Bay rather immediately.

Larsen was charged with some rather serious felonies:

  • Repeated sexual assault of a child over incidents between Nov. 1, 2013, and May 29, 2014, in the city of Oconto Falls.
  • Sexual assault of a child under 16, over the incident Oct. 23 in the town of Little Suamico.
  • Child enticement, at some point in the month of October 2013, city of Oconto Falls.
  • Child enticement over the incident Oct. 23 in the city of Oconto Falls.

Each of these sex crimes involves decades of prison time at their maximum end. Presume a plea deal will be struck once Larsen’s defense attorney sees those Facebook confessions.

This Isn’t the First Catholic Lesbian Teacher We’ve Seen Busted

Yesenia Rodriguez was a quaint Catholic school teacher in Chicago until the time of her arrest for having had sex with a teen boy at the school.

Canadian Catholic school teacher, Stephanie Colangelo, was busted for trying to lure teens into sex with suggestive photos.

Hot Catholic school teacher, Marianna Riossi, was taken down on multiple counts of sexually assaulting a teen boy at the school where she subbed.

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