Wisconsin Middle School Teacher Pleads Guilty To Sex With Teen Student

get link Over a year ago when middle-school teacher Alexis Mashak, 29, was arrested in Sparta, Wisconsin for a rather prolific sexual relationship with a 17-year old boy, I predicted, “Expect a plea deal forthcoming that will end Mashak’s future teaching career and put her on a rather unenviable list.”

viagra insurance coverage I’m pretty sure I turned out to be wrong on at least the last one of those three.

In March 2018, somebody suspected somebody who told somebody else that the local middle school teacher who also volunteered at the local Boys and Girls Club was maybe doing something with the 17-year old high school kid who also volunteered there. A smooch caught on security camera was enough to turn this case.

We’ve been led to believe Mashak was married

An investigation ensued, the high school boy flipped, and basically told the cops that he and his older paramour had done it all over town. In cars, houses, and even at the Boys and Girls Club. No! Bad volunteers!

At the time of her questioning by police, Mashak seemed to believe that 17 was the legal age for sex in Wisconsin. Which is weird, because she’s both a teacher and a woman who has sex with teenagers, so you’d think she’d at least Google the answer first. Nope. Not that it would’ve mattered since it’s wholly illegal in Wisconsin for a teacher in any grade to have sex with a student in any grade.

While Mashak initially pleaded not guilty to charges on the sex, and for the obligatory sending of nude photos to an underaged kid, she turned around her decision in court and took the hit. She pleaded guilty to three sex crimes charges with a four being held over her head in some kind of diversion program. I suppose that means if she can divert her attention from underaged flesh for long enough, that last one goes away.

Regardless, Mashak was given probation on the other counts, with some kind of weird Wisconsin thing where she’ll have to do a few days in jail some time in the near future. It’s Wisconsin, Jake.

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