lasix iv bolus The case of Kelli Vassallo, 38, a high school teacher in Williamsport, PA and a local sports league girls basketball coach is going to draw some sharp criticism from people who believe that female predators seem to be sentenced far more leniently than male predators.

levitra for free Vassallo pleaded guilty this past August to reduced charges of Institutional Sexual Assault and Corruption of a Minor. The charges came from two separate accounts of sexual relations with underaged girls. The first, in 2009, with a 17-year old female student. The second involving an ongoing sexual relationship in 2012 with a 13-year old girl on her basketball team. The latter involving what the female victim described as 20 occasions of “homosexual activity”. In both cases, the girls, present day, testified to the emotional and psychological manipulation Vassallo utilized to conquer and keep them for herself. This included convincing them their parents were awful people and buying the girls nice gifts.

enter Nevertheless, when sentenced this week, Vassallo ultimately received less than a year of incarceration, meaning she will serve her time in the County Jail, and 100 hours of community service. There will also be extensive probation years and sex offender registry years, but the sub-year jail time is rankling many considering the original nature of the charges. It’s hard for many people, including myself objectively, to see a male coach or teacher penetrating a 13-year old twenty times and walking away with no state prison time, just local months.

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go here Be that as it may, this lesbian girls sports coach, redundant slightly, will be off the streets for a little while at least. It’s hard to imagine she’s suddenly lost her thirst for young teen girl flesh, so suspect she’ll be re-offending in the not so distant future.

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