When Mark Wallberg was in grade school I guess he called some Asian kids gooks and hit them with sticks which makes him an asshole even if you don’t like Asians as much as other people. Theres no excuse for violence. There’s also no reason why somebody should get a judge to pardon them just because they are rich now and kind of cute and make movies. You get a pardon when your mom dies or they find out that the person you killed was lying about who did it just to put you in prison. Not because you were in five movies that all seem the same to me. I would probably go out with him if he asked me out only because i do believe in second chances. Also my current boyfriend broke up with me because he said I was too demanding of his time and he preferred his wife who he didn’t even mention he had until the Indian casino date we had. How long do I have to live before I get over men!

But god he is so hot. If I believed in rape i would rape him. That’s just a joke mostly.