It’s hard not to notice the prevalence if teacher-student sex cases in the state of Texas. Texas is big, but there are surely more of these cases reported in the Lone Star State than we’re seeing in New York or California or Florida. Which may either be because everybody tattles in Texas, which goes against lore, or there are simply more teachers getting it on with students, especially in our purview, female teachers with students. The latest case of Whitney Grunden Laidlaw, 32, a middle school teacher and dance instructor at the Cornerstone Academy Middle School in Houston, involves the twist of the female teacher stalking and trying to get busy with a 14-year old girl. Laidlaw herself is recently married to a male, two years prior, though obviously that may not fully explain her sexual proclivities, certainly not related to this case of rather serious stalking.

comprare viagra generico 100 mg a Genova Laidlaw is alleged to have accosted this girl twice over this past summer, having begun by texting the girl following the end of 7th grade, to let her know she had feelings for her. That’s creepy I’d imagine. Maybe not for a boy or all boys, but for a girl who perhaps isn’t the least big interested, creepy.

go to site Laidlaw apparently spent the better part of the summer insisting the girl come meet her, and when she didn’t, she would show up at the girl’s house. Mind you, Laidlaw was a PTA-award winning teacher at the school, beloved by parents and students alike, and prior to teaching, was a trained dance instructor and East Texas TV reporter. Zumba certified. Nobody suspects those high energy bubbly gals.

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source At one point in August, Laidlaw convinced the girl to get into her car, at which point she kissed her and touched her inappropriately. A couple weeks later, she sent the girl topless photos of herself and requested videos of sexual nature in return. At this point, the girl’s father checked her text message, the girl told him who was sending the messages, and dad went straight to the cops. Laidlaw was arrested on charges of sexual assault and that teacher-student sexual relations verboten charge. She was reported to be uncooperative with investigators when first charged. That’s also unusual in these female teacher cases where they all seem to fold almost immediately upon arrest. Her school put her on administrative leave pending further action following her arrest. She’s working on a new dance now.

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