follow Stepping between a woman needing to pee and the nearest lavatory is like going Revenant and stepping between mama bear and her cubs. You’re probably looking at seventeen broken bones and severe lacerations. You can’t possibly move fast enough.

viagra generico 25 mg prezzo a Parma Anna Christine Koosmann was on a Delta flight from Minneapolis to Los Angeles when she decided during ascent out of the Twin Cities she wanted to use the bathroom despite the seat belt signs. A flight attendant told her to take a seat at which point Anna went ballistic, bringing in berserker support from her traveling companion, Blake Fleisig. Fleisig decided to begin brawling with nearby passengers who joined the chorus telling Koosmann to take a seat and shut up.

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best price generic propecia from online drugstore The Delta captain tried twice over the PA system to tell everybody to take a seat or he was turning the car around, err, plane. To no avail. Koosmann wanted her damn bathroom trip. The Delta flight was diverted back to Minneapolis where it was promptly boarded by local cops who pulled a screaming and kicking Koosmann and Fleisig off the plane., both under arrest for what amounts to being assholes on a plane.

click here Many news outlets are making note of the fact that Fleisig is a VP at Citibank, which is meant to surprise you that a guy who works for a bank would be such a turd. Which might surprise you if you’ve never interacted with Citibank in the past couple of decades. Delta in particular seems to be hit of late with numerous unruly passengers requiring eviction notices and subsequent arrests. Perhaps worth considering hiring Richard Marx to run your air-marshal program. Give the man a rope and a piano and this shit ends now.