There are so many cool things that only girls get. Like boobs for one, dummy. I don’t know why so many women insist on them being the same as men. Who wants to be the same as men who smell and get cancer. I like being a girl and a woman and also that my movie tickets cost less. There was a lady nearby who was trying to get girls to play baseball instead of softball in the schools because I guess her daughter wants to be able to play baseball. Then it turns out the school rule was she could play baseball all along. So the woman instead got very upset that girls aren’t encouraged to play baseball instead of softball. Ahhhhh! Make it stop. I played soccer when I was in school and kissed many boys on the mouth. People are never happy with what they have only happy with what they don’t have.

For christmas I’m going to get her daughter some dolls and a sewing kit and mail them to her and tell her its okay to be a girl and you don’t have to be a lesbian. Its okay to play baseball too. Just please tell your mom to shut up because she’s going to ruin your life like my mom tried to do with me when she mixed pills into my food. Thats another story for another day. Crackers!