Waffle House Attack

Waffle House isn’t the place where you should take out your aggressions. The poor people who work there are just trying to survive the day. The rest are either large groups of college kids trying to sober up or older men, who have long since given up on life. So when 31-year-old Naomi Braginsky lost her mind and attacked an employee, threw food at both staff and customers, and later assaulted police officers called to the scene, she was seriously flashing that rule a middle finger.

Braginsky (photo unavailable), according to the Denver Channel, was led from the Larimer County, Colo., breakfast establishment in handcuffs, but not before she “violently” kicked at police officers “and used her legs to prevent them from having her sit in the back seat of the patrol car.” A spokesperson for the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office said that one of the officers was struck in the throat and the other in the stomach with both also catching kicks to the legs. Eventually, the guys just hit her with a taser charge, which, given the circumstances, is understandable. Braginsky was charged with second-degree assault, second-degree assault on a peace officer, resisting arrest, harassment and third-degree assault.

It’s probably a good thing for Braginsky’s sake she chose the Waffle House she did. A prior case out of Beaufort, S.C., saw the tables being turned from unruly customer to unruly waitress. In the January 2012 assault, the Huffington Post reports, the waitress slugged a customer in the head with a coffee pot after the woman complained it had taken too long to get service. Better just stick to the waffles and omelettes next time you get the urge to be an ass.

(Featured Image: Wikipedia Commons)