Viki Odintcova merely wants to be loved. The best expression of love for a Russian model looking to break out on the broader commercial market is Instagram followers. And there’s no more direct way to grab attention on social media than by dangling by no more than a handhold off of a 78-story building top under construction in the United Arab Emirates. All the kids are doing it.

Normally, allowing one man’s grasp to be all that’s between you and becoming a red splash on the pavement 800 feet below might be considered insane. But consider the alternative. Eating borscht the remainder of your days in a small flat in St. Petersburg. That’s certainly how you have to frame it to get up the courage and or stupidity to pull such a stunt.

Odintcova documented her damsel in her own self-made distress for Instagram and her now millions of followers. That along with numerous selfies of herself in bikinis that don’t quite seem to fit her man made body have proven to be the ticket. The Dubai police were not amused and are investigating Odintcova’s obvious trespassing and dangerous stunt for potential prosecution. Though you have to think this might be one the cops of any land would just as soon see go quietly away. Or do you like media circuses in your courts?

Stardom in this day and age is less about unique talent and more about finding a way to do something that tons of people can also do but doing it in front of more cameras or to a larger social media audience. You could consider this a sign of the downfall of society, then again, you get to see an attractive young Russian woman in a skimpy dress hanging off the side of a incredibly tall building. You do the math. Look out below.