Vice Principal Bernadette Rosthenhausler Arrested for Failure to Report Tuscon’s Naylor Middle School vice principal, Bernadette Rosthenhausler and Naylor’s school’s counselor, Linda Archuleta, were both arrested by Tuscon Police for failure to report an allegation of inappropriate touching between a male student and female student in the classroom. Many states have enacted legislation compelling school administrators to report any and all accusations of potentially criminal sexual contact to the police. With penalties ranging up to jail time for school officials found in dereliction of this reporting duty.


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vardenafil in vendita According to reports, a female student in the middle school informed a teacher that a boy had touched her sexually when the teacher had left the classroom momentarily. The teacher forthwith repeated the claim to Vice Principal Rosthenhausler who launched an internal investigation. Ah, those internal investigations. At some point bureaucrats will simply be forced to use the term Cover Your Ass in the place of internal investigation. This is where the school counselor Linda Archuleta became involved in knowledge of the girl’s account. For reasons you can surmise yourself in your own cynical time, neither Rosthenhausler or Archuleta reported the allegation to the police or Department of Child Safety. That’s exactly what the law dictates be done. Not some of the time. Not at the Vice Principal’s discretion. All of the time.


go to site Those crazy school administrators might’ve gotten away with their dereliction of essential duties has the girl’s parents not eventually gone directly to the police themselves. Presumably, that was a move unanticipated by the two school administrators. Police followed up and discovered that Rosthenhausler and Archuleta had no obliged themselves of the state mandate, and the two were promptly arrested. No word as to the adjudication of the original accusations. That’s not really the point. Zero tolerance school policies may be unnecessarily black and white, but at least you can’t say they’re unclear as how to comply.
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