Veronica Ramirez, 25, Arrested for Orally Copulating a Boy Under 14 at Her Special Needs School Most males of the species play the sport of differentiating between legal crimes and things they feel are merely attempts to criminalize relatively normal behavior. Women play this game far less because the male version is almost always about sexual things with women that ought be decriminalized and that makes them rightfully nervous to even consider playing. Men are pigs. Though not always wrong.

generic viagra price In the matter of female schoolteachers, especially relatively young and attractive high school teachers, sexually engaging their teen male students in the backs of cars, apartments, and parks, coupled often with free beer and weed, most men default to, damn, what a lucky bastard kid. This is no crime. However, we as a society decided at some point not to base our criminal justice system on blatant male sex fantasy, because as righteous as it may sound, it would lead to a slippery slope of social outcomes that would ultimately make life miserable for your moms, wives, sisters, and daughters. And in this case, your special needs young boys. Teachers aid Veronica Ramirez, 25, was arrested this week for sexual congress with a “boy under fourteen years of age and above ten” at a special needs school where she worked. The combination of the boy’s age and “special needs” leads to a situation not even the aforementioned lenient men would identify as a solidly legal set of activities. It’s necessarily disturbing and definitively predatory.

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go here Ramirez routinely drove the boy home from the school providing alternative education to kids with autism, learning disabilities, and emotional troubles and actual physical abandonment by their parents. Not exactly like targeting the high school senior captain of the football team. The boy’s parents ultimately found out about the multiple month long sexual escapades in Ramirez’ car and the teacher’s aid was arrested¬†on four counts of lewd acts with a child and three counts of oral copulation of a child under the age of 14. There’s no way to spin that as anything other than gross, even for the hopeful revisionist history male.

follow url Ramirez is currently being held on $2 million bail, indicating the severity of the sex crimes charges. If her defense attorney is picturing twelve jurors hearing about his client going down on special needs twelve year old she was supposed to be supervising, he’s probably desperately looking for a plea of any kind. This one’s not going away with simple probation and a sex offender registry.
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