Vegas Teacher Leslie McGourty Busted for Violent Threats Over Text

source This is an odd one. I think we all understand that calling a business or school or government office and making threats of violence is a crime. The same is true for stalking some poor individual and threatening to harm them. The case of Bonanza High School teacher Leslie McGourty, is slightly different. The Vegas area teacher is under arrest for scary messages she shared with a fellow teacher on text about how one day she’d like to go down as an infamous mass murderer. She didn’t threaten him, merely shared her future terror fantasies and now she’s under arrest. This seems like one of those First Amendment test cases, where private conversation involving fantasy, with no steps toward any criminal fulfillment, are protected from arrest by the thought police. No doubt McGourty isn’t playing with a full deck, when reading some of her messages sent to her teacher friend who passed them on to authorities:  

source link “I’m going to poke a lot of holes in a lot of people on Saturday.” “I have the means, motive and brains.”

prednisone best price rx at walmart “Vegas will lose its luster after me.” “Doesn’t matter. I am a woman. I will be remembered.” (in reference to last Fall’s male Vegas mass shooter)

comprare vardenafil originale garanzia “Maybe I will start a movement. Another #metoo movement. But this time, which women feel empowered enough to become serial killers.”

Years earlier, McGourty was a motorcycle riding babe and female biking promoter.

click As you might expect, students interviewed about their arrested teacher pointed out that she was a creepy woman who overshared tons of information about her failing marriage and her personal life. These things never suddenly appear on people’s cellphones. Still, you wonder if this isn’t merely the rantings of an unhappy high school math teacher drinking too much in the evenings. Did she even own a weapon or make any sort of steps toward murdering anybody? Yet she was arrested for terroristic threats sent to her acquaintance.

source link A brief peek into McGourty’s background shows a rather eclectic woman who used to run a motorcycle shop in New Hampshire, was into mathematics and science, and moved around the country a good bit until settling into teaching high school in Clark County. Obviously, she’s carrying some unchecked rage. Now checked. But is it lawful?

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