find best priceest viagra pills While most vegans are perfectly delightful folks, one Pennsylvanian mother appears to exemplify all the negative stereotypes surrounding plant-eaters. Elizabeth Hawk, 33, is one of those self-righteous vegans, who, according to relatives, was always preaching about her supposedly healthy diet to anyone who will pretend to listen. Elizabeth’s sister-in-law, Brandy Hawk, derisively noted that Elizabeth thought she could live on “water and sunlight” alone, as if she were a plant. Brandy’s brother, Jerry Hawk, was the father of Elizabeth’s child, though the couple had since separated. After noting a severe rash and other problems with the boy, Jerry decided to take him to the doctor.

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see url There, it was determined that he was suffering physical deterioration and developmental delays because he wasn’t eating right. Elizabeth is accused of putting him on the same sort of strict diet she abides by, feeding the baby only nuts and fruit. Doctors said the boy was at risk for septic shock due to the severity of the rash, which love & light Elizabeth had claimed was simply due to allergies. Probably all of those GMO chemtrails, or whatever.

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Can live on fruits & nuts. (Image: Flickr)
Can live on fruits & nuts. (Image: Flickr)

enter Since the boy has been in the care of his father, Brandy says he’s doing just fine. Elizabeth was arrested for child endangerment, but has since been released. This appears to not be necessarily a case of malevolence, but sheer dumbassery.

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