Linda Gillman, 69, of Herriman, Utah had a job she wanted done. She is accused of telling a man that she wanted him to murder her ex-husband and his new wife. He was not super into that kind of thing, even though she gave him $5,000 and promised him additional perks, including a $7,000 ring and a piece of a life insurance policy after the deed was done. To buy himself some time, he told her that the assassin he’d intended to recruit had been arrested for something totally unrelated. Yet, the man said Linda persisted. She told him if he couldn’t facilitate the hit, she’d find someone who could. That’s when the man contacted Linda’s ex and told him what she’d been plotting. Her ex called the police.

The man told authorities that several weeks prior, Linda gave him the initial five grand. A recording allegedly features Linda discussing various means of murder, including the ol’ robbery-gone-wrong trick, which she apparently preferred less than the ol’ making-it-look-like-some-kind-of-accident plot. Her ex-husband was the primary target, but police say she said she’d pony up moreĀ if the killer would knock off the new wife as well. She gave the man a code and told her to text it to her once they were dead. Linda has been arrested, but has since denied these claims.

Rachael Leahy (Image: WTSP 10)

This reminds us of Rachael Leahy, who allegedly offered an undercover $5,000 to murder her ex-husband stoat she could gain sole custody of their children. She had many ideas about what might become of him. Her first thought was that he might make a good sex slave in another country. Later, she decided it might be better if he was drowned or burned in a way that seemed accidental.