This past summer, Arkansas middle school vice-principal, Jessica Williams, 37, was arrested on multiple counts of having sex the previous few months with a sixteen year old student in the same Waldron Public School District. Both denied the accusations following an investigation from an anonymous tip at first. But as always happens, the photos and texts came out and that was that in terms of anybody believing the denials.

go to link Williams original charges including tampering with evidence, presumably her naughty communiques with the teen boy in question. And while she seemingly confessed to the police regarding the sexual affair, she did plead not guilty during arraignment and was released on bond. Naturally, one of the conditions of her bond being that she not make or having any contact with the teen boy of her summer sex affair. And she was unable to restrain herself for whatever reason, lust of merely lack of caution, and her bond was revoked today by the judge. Thus, Vice-Principal Williams is back in the slammer for the course of her trial. If you can imagine the type of grown woman and middle school administrator who might launch a wild sex ride with a teen male student, you have to figure she’s also not the type to pay attention to any other rules on down the line. Jessica Williams is a dangerous woman. Especially to the young men of the Waldron Public Schools District. We’ll keep you updated.