follow site (The benefit of being around for a while as a site is the ability to track stories from beginning to conclusion. I hate those places that don’t because they’re even lazier than me, and I set a low bar.) Recall the case of young history teacher, Michelle Schiffer, 23, busted for sex not once but twice, the second time involving the consumption of illicit stinky weed, with a a 15-year old student who may or may not be from Cypress Springs High School in Houston where she taught. Regardless, you can’t have sex with any student from any school in Texas if you’re a teacher, not to mention 15 is underage no matter your adult profession. Schiffer and her young lover were ratted out by some jealous or angry friend, and results ensued.


miglior sito per acquistare viagra generico 50 mg a Verona Schiffer was charged with the improper relations with a student penal code, as well as sexual assault on an underaged boy, both of which she pled guilty to this week, in hopes of pleading for the mercy of the court on her upcoming sentencing. No word on any charges for the dank, but presume those were ignored in lieu of the rape stuff. Schiffer’s attorney was quoted as saying that his client understands her mistake and will never do anything like this again. Actually, recidivism rates for these women is fairly low, given that they are entirely removed from teaching ever again. Though I wouldn’t go making promises you can’t keep. That little voice that tells you how wrong what you’re doing is didn’t seem to function well in this history teacher.