source url You may recall the case of Tidwell Middle School cheerleading coach, Katherine Ruth Harper, 27 at the time, arrested over a year ago for a 2016 fling with a 15-year old male student in Roanoke, Texas. The boy in question held his own for some period of time before turning over tons of naughty text messages, photos of Ms. Harper, and copping to a full-course sexual relationship with the teacher that began innocently enough with alcohol, taking off their clothes, and the boy being asked to perform a sex act on Harper. Adding to the intrigue, at the time of her arrest, Harper was eight months pregnant. There was never a disclosure about who the baby daddy was, but giving that eight months earlier she was having sex with the boy in her home and his after school, you have to consider that a paternity test was going to seal the deal on her illegal activities.

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go to link Harper was charged with but one count each of sexual assault upon a child and one count of teacher having sex with a student, but that was enough to earn her a six year prison sentence this past week in court. That plus ten years probation makes this perhaps the harshest penalty we can remember upon a female teacher yet for what you might practically call consensual sex with a teen student. Texas has come to be seen as the epicenter of teacher-student sex cases in the nation, partially because they’ve launched widespread investigations and come up with numbers while other states haven’t, but this is perhaps a response to that budding reputation.