dove comprare viagra generico 50 mg a Parma You may recall the case this past Spring of McKinley High School P.E. teacher, Tiffany Eichler, 36, who admitted to having sex with multiple high school boys, multiple times, when, she claims, the parents of one of the boys in question tried to blackmail her to keep quiet about the illicit sex. It’s hard to know who’s more insidious in that situation, but I’m going to select the blackmailing parents, since that’s plain rude, whereas a married mom of four digging back of the car sex with eager high school boys seems within the realm of Maslow’s pyramid of needs.

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propecia womens hair loss There was much consternation in and about Canton, Ohio, where the offenses took place, as many wondered why Eichler was not being formally arrested and indicted following her confession to sex with three teens. Many wondered if there was gender favoritism being shown to a female teacher; and if such leniencies of process would have been extended to a male teacher who confessed to having sex with three teen girls at his school, one twice in the same day, as Eichler confessed she did with one of the boys. The local authorities wrote her favorable treatment under law off to the fact that she was fully cooperating, full confessing to her crimes, and was no risk of flight given that she was the mother to four children. That seems somewhat reasonable.
Tiffany Eichler couldn’t keep her moist parts off of the boys in her class. Perhaps less reasonable and likely to revive the gender bias debate, Eichler was sentenced this week to a mere 30 days in jail for her crimes, along with the obligatory long term probation and sex offender registry. Still, a mere month in the clink for humping the stuffing out of three teen boys at her high school seems to be somewhat not-on-par with the prison time given out to male offenders. Not that all offenders are the same, but given that in certain parts of the nation, teachers with the same offenses are receiving multiple year prison sentences, one month seems light. Could this be favoritism to a mom of four? And is that such a bad thing? These are rhetorical questions since I can’t hear your answers. But do feel free to write below.

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