UPDATE: Teacher Jill Lamontagne Asks Judge to Exclude Her Dirty Texts to Student in Upcoming Sexual Assault Trial

source site I would like to go on record as being the one guy who still believes in innocent until proven guilty in this country. Maybe there are three of us left in total. Even among these ever-escalating female teacher sex cases, the occasional few of them protests their innocence all the way to trial, and they deserve that fairest of presumptions. Worst case, Kennebunk High School teacher Jill Lamontagne, 29, had sex with a 17-year old boy. It’s not as if this is the case of a heinous war criminal where it’s cool to throw rotten fruit at his head prior to trial.

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levitra woman Lamontagne has professed her not guilty status since her arrest in Maine last summer on multiple charges of sex with a minor student. You may recall the case came to light when the boy in question began showing signs of mental deterioration, to the point that he is alleged to have attempted suicide, at which point his parents broke him down into an admission he’d had an ongoing sexual relationship with his teacher. His depression due to her breaking it off, as you might suspect, few teen boys are in the dumps when still shagging their attractive teacher. That’s when the parents insisted a police investigation be ordered into Lamontagne, who was arrested several months later and fired from her teaching position.


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come comprare levitra 20 mg senza ricetta Lamontagne pled not guilty on all counts at the end of 2017, insisting that the accusations are born of a troubled teen who imagined a relationship with his teacher. The most damning evidence against Lamontagne, as usual, are a series of dirty texts from teacher to student. Or, in this case, photos of these texts the mother of the boy claims she took at the time of her son’s confession to her. Lamontagne’s legal team insists that these types of images are easily doctored, especially as to the authenticity of the sender, and has asked a judge to rule this evidence unsubstantiated for use in any trial. Obviously, this decision will greatly affect the strength of the prosecution’s case, without any physical evidence of sexual contact. This will become a boy-said, teacher-said trial, with the teacher’s side able to point out the psychologically troubled nature of the kid.

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purchase cialis online Lamontagne’s trial is schedule for July. She faces five years in prison, so this is no small matter. We’ll keep you updated, especially with juicy sexually-filled testimony, because quite frankly, that’s the best part.

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