UPDATE: Teacher Eleanor Wilson Will Not Be Retried on Charges of Sex With Teen Student in Airplane Bathroom

follow link You may recall the now three-year old case of British high school teacher, Eleanor Wilson, then 26, who was accused of getting loaded and having sex in the bathroom with a teen male student on the return flight of a school trip to Spain. Many testified that Wilson and the boy were close in the cuddling and hugging kind of way, though no independent witnesses saw her lure the boy into the Mile High Club on the British Airways flight in August 2015. The boy did testify during the recent trial that he had become quite close with his teacher and that they dig shag in the lavatory. Though Wilson maintained this was all in his head.


http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=using-propecia-pills-and-minoxidil-together Wilson was forced to give-up her teaching credentials previous to the trial by the English board that oversees such matters. But the trial itself for her sex with a student under the age of 18 ended with a hung jury, notifying the judge that they were unable to reach a verdict after many hours of deliberation on the sex charges. Following the mistrial, the prosecutors office issued a statement that they would not be retrying the case because the male victim stated he wished not to have to endure the trial process a second time. That’s likely a cover story for not thinking you could win the case on the second go-round. Nobody wants to lose a case twice. Bad form.

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get link Wilson will never teach in England again, and unless she cops to the actual sex in the rear of the aircraft, she won’t have decent goods to write a book or movie. In this matter, simply be glad you’re name is Eleanor Wilson, of which there must be an endless number on the island, where you can easily fade into obscurity.

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