UPDATE: Teacher Cori Beard Pleads Not Guilty To Sex With Two Boys on Her HS Soccer Team

prezzo viagra generico 100 mg pagamento online a Torino You may recall that Chicago area Freshman soccer coach, Cori Beard, 28, was arrested last month for allegations she had sex with at least two, and up to five, students from Vernon Hills High School where she was the soccer coach for first year boys and girls. The charges were taken rather seriously by the school and local prosecutors, who slapped Beard with multiple felony sexual crimes for one boy with whom they claim she had a lengthy sexual relationship, and additional charges for another underaged student on sexual battery charges. No word on any charges with any additional boys. Beard was hit with a $1 million bail.


watch This week in court, Beard pled not guilty to all charges. Pretty bold move considering the consequences she’s facing, not to mention the consideration of multiple boys being involved at different times, all of whom would have to be lying to confirm her innocence. Always possible of course. Crazy shit happens in white suburbs. That’s not a quote, more of a general rule of life. According to prosecutors, they have videotaped statements from the boys involved, not to mention a confession from Beard herself to intercourse with at least one of the boys. Unclear what her defense strategy is to be.

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click here Beard’s attorney asked the judge to reduce her million dollar bail, claiming she wasn’t a flight risk and that the boys in question weren’t physically hurt in the alleged crimes. That latter one didn’t go over well in super sensitive 2018 when we’re told to pretend that having sex with the female soccer coach back at her apartment is naturally abusive and destructive to teen boys. Her bail reduction request was denied.


go We’ll stay tuned to this case. It’s rare that any of these female teachers ever go to trial on these matters, considering the nature of the evidence and the prejudicial emotion nature of the charges. But when they do, it’s a MUST FOLLOW.


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