UPDATE: Teacher Christina Jolly Back in Jail After Contacting Foster Teen She Was Boinking

http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=is-there-generic-real-levitra You may recall this past summer when New York middle school teacher, Christina Jolly, was arrested on five counts of statutory rape involving a protracted sexual relationship with a 15-year old foster son living in her home with her husband and two other boys. It’s unclear if Jolly groomed this boy through foster care for the purposes of an illicit sexual relationship, it is clear she boffed the stuffing out of this kid and was arrested off a tip to police.


get link Jolly was arrested but bailed out on $200,000 bond, with the express order of the court to not have any contact with the boy in the case. Naturally, she began emailing him. It’s unclear if this was for the purpose of moving his testimony in the case, or merely trying to arrange a hot get-it-on session with an old boyfriend, err, young boyfriend. In either case, she was re-arrested and given another $200,000 bond. Unclear if she can make the second one or not. What is clear is that New York doesn’t take its statutory rape cases all that seriously.

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cialis for order What seems to be the case is that Jolly, while no longer teaching at North Iredell Middle School, may very well still be receiving pay from the school district, because teachers’ unions are frickin’ awesome.

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