UPDATE: South Carolina Vice Principal, Dawn Diimmler, 44, Pleads Guilty in Sex With Student Case

http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=lasix-side-effects-reviews Harken back to earlier this year in 2018 in South Carolina when Airport High School Vice-Principal, because she is your pal, Dawn Diimmler, 44, was arrested for sexual intercourse not twice but thrice with a 19-year old senior at her high school. Though the boy was of the age of consent, South Carolina has one of those laws making it a felony for any teacher or administrator to bang the kids at school regardless of their age. Thus, the married school administrator was facing multiple heavy charges.


source site It’s now the end of 2018, and Diiimmler was allowed to plead guilty to the drastically reduced charge of harassment, which makes no sense, but go with it. Diimmler will be paying the sum total of a $200 fine for that offense. However, that’s Richland County, SC, where she mounted the boy in a motel. Not Lexington County where her school resides, and where she coupled with the student twice in her office. And the two counties pursued separate charges, so Diimmler is still potentially in a world of felonious peril with sexual battery still pending.


best levitra price Part of the court proceedings involved the playing of messages Diimmler left for the boy’s mother, where she apologized for the shtupping but insisted that she was in love with her son. Something every high school mom wants to hear, a woman her own age saying she’s in love with her son in high school. That’s the point at which you hope the randy Vice Principal is too old to become pregnant for motel sex. Also, obviously, you call the cops.

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http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=order-cialis-without-prescription We’ll keep you updated on those second still remaining charges.

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